Leafix Matcha Green Tea Powder – USDA Organic – Ceremonial Grade – Product of Japan – Kosher -…



Size:100g (3.5oz)

Leafix Superior Ceremonial Organic Matcha is exclusively made from stone ground, hand-picked, first harvest, green tea leaves in Kagoshima, Japan. Make a smooth and delicious unsweetened tea in the comfort of your home by adding about ½ tsp (we usually add more) to some hot – but not boiling – water, whisk and enjoy! 

Many coffee drinkers complain about the caffeine slump and anxiety that soon follows. Boasting around 27mg of caffeine per ½ tsp (1g) serving, it’s the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need an energy boost. Since it naturally contains l-theanine, which causes relaxation, you can now kiss the coffee jitters goodbye. 

Leafix ceremonial grade matcha is aromatic, smooth, and mellow and flaunts a nice bright green color, because of the chlorophyll content. Our matcha is 100% USDA Organic. There is nothing added or taken away, giving you the very best of what nature has to offer, without any nasty chemicals or additives.

We have both 30g tins and 100g bags to suit all of your matcha needs. While our ceremonial grade can be used in lattes and smoothies, our culinary grade is better suited for mixing with other ingredients, since it has a bolder flavor that comes with a later harvest. 

Naturally fat free with no additives or preservatives, our nutrient packed matcha tea is kosher, suitable for vegans and those who follow a gluten-free diet. So, enjoy your majestic matcha moment with Leafix. It’s the perfect way to start your day!


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